What happened to Body Trust?

In late 2019, what was Body Trust — a circle of four (Alex, Amy, Lizz, and Zed) in a circle of beloveds — paused to digest and ponder. We had clarity to celebrate the past year and say goodbye to Amy, who felt it was time to move on. With three of us left, we asked: how should we change? Body Trust as an organization was cleared, organized, accounts closed, and taken down to the bones of it. Then we paused again, as COVID hit the world. We let things settle. And as we rested within ourselves, imaginings started emerging.

Eros, circle, collaboration, social justice, decentering our whiteness, anal breath. In order to fully live into our values, which are centered on liberation for all bodies, we wanted and needed to dismantle our all-white leadership and become part of a multi-racial organization. 

So we pondered: How many in the circle … 4? 5? 6? 7? And then we gathered. Adding juice, ideas, possibilities. A sexy sextet of queer erotic educators, artists, conjurers, practitioners, sacred intimates, and tricksters — Zed, Tru, M’Kali-Hashiki, Max, Garland, and Alex.

And we began emerging! One (anal) breath at a time, we became the EroSomatic Arts Collective: Liberating Bodies for Radical Pleasure.

We are so excited to offer some new workshops, online and in person, in 2022. Keep an eye on our social media, on our mailing list, and on, for what is coming next. We are so excited to play with you!


Equinox BDSM & Energy Gathering in Seattle

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The year wheel is turning,
light in the sky changing:
harvest is here.
At Equinox, there is a balance between the day light and night time. Pause during the day that the sun provides a zenith, a downward gaze allowing for equal illumination.
This gives us an opportunity to harvest and embrace the fruits from the cycle started in the spring.
Notice your ripe, your withering and what is your natural seasonal rhythm. Reflect on the balance of rest and activity/play. Conjure ideas for sensing your needs. An occasion to mark and acknowledge our living relationship to the Earth.
Equinox is the zenith, the harvest from seeds planted during the spring.
We have an invitation to gather for the Autumnal Equinox.
Use the season change as guide for reflection and balance. In the autumnal equinox, we will meditate, have time to share with each other, and explore experientially.
Year Wheel: Energy & BDSM
Intermediate weekend workshop with Alex & Zed
Seattle, Saturday & Sunday, September 14-15[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Are you called to it? Click here to sign up” align=”center” button_block=”true” link=”|||”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Things that start with P

Please peruse the Patreon!
Plus, the Pleasure Lab Podcast

Announcing: Body Trust’s Patreon (P #1)!

We’ve finally done it — we launched a Patreon page! Patreon is a way for you to pledge a few (or many!) dollars every month to support our ongoing efforts, and you get to support and be part of an amazing spiritual community based on trust, consent, whole body aliveness, whimsy, and experimentation. We’ll make sure you get some fun perks from behind the scenes … a look into our processes, some individual conversations with all of us, and the first look at what we produce. But mostly, you get the pleasure of contributing (financial) energy to our offerings, and helping us make them even better than they already are.
While workshop tuition helps, it doesn’t cover all of Body Trust’s expenses. That’s where you can come in. Even just a few dollars a month helps support those not-so-sexy back-end costs (not that kind of back-end! You know, like web hosting and time to edit podcasts). It also helps us offer scholarships to some of our in-person events. We’ll continue doing what we love — following our paths and gifts, following what emerges during the rotation of the planet and in our own selves, and offering forms out to you to join us in the explorations. With your help, we can do even more.
We do understand that sometimes contributing financially just isn’t possible. We don’t ever want it to be a hardship for you, and we hope you’ll keep engaging with us in all the ways you’d like to. And, we know sometimes it’s possible for folks to give even more. So much thanks for all of you!

Click here + support us on Patreon

The Pleasure Lab Podcast (P #2)

Season two of the Pleasure Lab — interviews with embodiment pioneers — is going so well! Jen Cross, Betty Martin, Jay Craver, Mark Fleming — we have interviewed some amazing people, and there are even more to come.
This month’s is with Roz Dischiavo who runs the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment. Check it out here — & don’t forget to subscribe and rate us in iTunes! It really helps people find us.
What’s going on for you? Do you have any special projects you’re working on?
— Zed


You’re invited: Morning Meditation Practice

On this day, in the first week of January, a group of meditators gathered to start our morning meditation series. On the west coast, it was still dark when we sat, on the east coast and south, folks were experiencing the cold blast. And we sat together in silent meditation.
Come join us to notice the change in the time of dawn, the moon cycle and the winter expression. Join us in stillness and noticing your breath, join us in community.
Here are the details:
Mondays & Thursdays January – February 2018
6:50-7:30am PT / 9:50-10:30am ET
Online in Body Trust’s virtual temple
Free, donations graciously accepted
We’ll start with a brief check-in and a little guidance for proper body alignment in order to find a seated position that can be sustained through the meditation, then we’ll have a 25 minute guided or quiet meditation, and complete. Drop ins are welcome; anyone can join, please do invite your friends.
6:50am PST – 7:00am PST Join, check in, and organize your sitting position
7:00am PST – 7:25am PST Meditation time (mostly silent)
7:25am PST – 7:30am PST Completion & goodbyes
Join us on Zoom — just click here at 6:50am. In exchange for this energy output, please make a donation.


Wonder Body Coloring Book coming August 15th!

Wonder Body!
the new adult coloring book from Body Trust
is coming August 15th with a party on the 17th

If you’re in Seattle, come join us for a free celebration book launch party on Thursday, August 17th 7:00-8:30pm at Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse (2811 Mt. Rainier Dr. S, Seattle, WA 98144). There will be wine, beer, snacks, and also a big 6’x6′ dry-erase coloring mandala. Amy and Alex will tell tales about the back story of the book and how it came into form. We’ll have copies for sale and happily autograph them!
Join us!
Thursday, August 17th 7:00-8:30pm
Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse
2811 Mt. Rainier Dr. S,
Seattle, WA 98144
Check out more about the coloring book at


Be Gone, 2016!

It’s been a hell of a year. More than ever we’ve needed our embodied capacities to support and hold one another. We at Body Trust are so grateful for all the ways we’ve “intertouched” with you this year.
Let’s be together again in 2017.
In gratitude and appreciation and fierceness,
— Amy, Alex, Lizz, Zed

Newsletter Workshops

Getting It Up After A Knock Down

Tonight at 7pm PT / 10pm ET
Join Lizz & Zed to experience three key embodiment exercises for rebalancing, resilience, and starting over in times of struggle and challenge. Maybe you’re having trouble regaining momentum after the election, maybe you often experience a dip in energy after the dramatic change of daylight savings time. We’ll be offering three practices: pelvic floor integration, alternate nostril breathing, and cyclical breath that you can learn easily in this 1-hour webinar and take into your daily life when you need an infusion of energy or a moment of calmness.
Come rebalance your system, and get it up after being knocked down.
RSVP here:
Lizz & Zed


Beloveds, we are listening

“Successful understanding of another’s point of view comes not from imaging their point of view, but from asking and listening—from getting the another’s perspective rather than taking it. ” — Nicholas Epley
In December, the Body Trust team will be doing our annual strategy meeting. Rather than just guessing what you might need or want, we really want to know what’s up for you. What is on your mind or in your body right now?
Specifically . . .
1. What are you wrestling with in your embodied life?
2. Of all the things Body Trust has offered*, what has been most useful?
3. What else would you most like us to bring into form?
Just reply to this email with your thoughts or, if you prefer to be anonymous, use this online form.
We’d love to hear from you before we meet on Dec. 9th.
Amy, Alex, Lizz, Zed
*We’ve been offering: weekend workshops, residential long-form workshops, online morning meditation, half-day year wheel workshops, podcasts, newsletters, Facebook groups, coloring book, Erotix journal, website, individual SI sessions, etc.


The View from the Belly of the Whale

This November has been a trying time for many of us. We’ve needed all the resources we can find to support our bodies, our resilience, our fortitude, our fierceness. For the Body Trust team, one of those most important resources is YOU!
Honestly, you Beloveds are rad! Whether you’ve joined us in workshops, crawled out of bed for online morning meditations, or simply listened to the podcast—knowing you are out there means the world to us.
So to all of you, we make this little offering: Zed reading the poem “Things to do in the Belly of the Whale” It’s our way of saying “thank you!” and we hope it brings some ease, peace, and hope to your day.
We are so glad you’re in the belly with us.
—Amy, Alex, Lizz, and Zed
P.S. If you’ve had a bit much to eat today, you may be feeling very whale-like yourself right now. Be kind to all things lumbering today. 🙂

Where are your portals?

Right now the whole Body Trust team is at the Bodhi in New Mexico at our Portals of Pleasure retreat doing a deep dive into erotic pleasures with a group of twenty beloveds. But while we’re away, we haven’t forgotten those of you who couldn’t be there with us. In fact, we’re sending you some Portals-love!
We’re working on a Body Trust coloring book. In it, we channel voice to the chakras in words and images. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the First (Root) Chakra.  Drawing by Amy Butcher.
About the 1st Chakra, AKA the Root:
From where I sit, I can see up and down. I am the base of the tail, the coccyx, the focal point, the balance of grounding and support. When I am robust, my tendrils lunge downward, extending toward the ground. Like an umbilical to the planet. A woven web of pelvic fibers holds the form, to tend and support the functions of the entire body.
With a deep anal breath and love,
The Body Trust Team