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Plus, the Pleasure Lab Podcast

Announcing: Body Trust’s Patreon (P #1)!

We’ve finally done it — we launched a Patreon page! Patreon is a way for you to pledge a few (or many!) dollars every month to support our ongoing efforts, and you get to support and be part of an amazing spiritual community based on trust, consent, whole body aliveness, whimsy, and experimentation. We’ll make sure you get some fun perks from behind the scenes … a look into our processes, some individual conversations with all of us, and the first look at what we produce. But mostly, you get the pleasure of contributing (financial) energy to our offerings, and helping us make them even better than they already are.
While workshop tuition helps, it doesn’t cover all of Body Trust’s expenses. That’s where you can come in. Even just a few dollars a month helps support those not-so-sexy back-end costs (not that kind of back-end! You know, like web hosting and time to edit podcasts). It also helps us offer scholarships to some of our in-person events. We’ll continue doing what we love — following our paths and gifts, following what emerges during the rotation of the planet and in our own selves, and offering forms out to you to join us in the explorations. With your help, we can do even more.
We do understand that sometimes contributing financially just isn’t possible. We don’t ever want it to be a hardship for you, and we hope you’ll keep engaging with us in all the ways you’d like to. And, we know sometimes it’s possible for folks to give even more. So much thanks for all of you!

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The Pleasure Lab Podcast (P #2)

Season two of the Pleasure Lab — interviews with embodiment pioneers — is going so well! Jen Cross, Betty Martin, Jay Craver, Mark Fleming — we have interviewed some amazing people, and there are even more to come.
This month’s is with Roz Dischiavo who runs the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment. Check it out here — & don’t forget to subscribe and rate us in iTunes! It really helps people find us.
What’s going on for you? Do you have any special projects you’re working on?
— Zed

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