The View from the Belly of the Whale

This November has been a trying time for many of us. We’ve needed all the resources we can find to support our bodies, our resilience, our fortitude, our fierceness. For the Body Trust team, one of those most important resources is YOU!
Honestly, you Beloveds are rad! Whether you’ve joined us in workshops, crawled out of bed for online morning meditations, or simply listened to the podcast—knowing you are out there means the world to us.
So to all of you, we make this little offering: Zed reading the poem “Things to do in the Belly of the Whale” It’s our way of saying “thank you!” and we hope it brings some ease, peace, and hope to your day.
We are so glad you’re in the belly with us.
—Amy, Alex, Lizz, and Zed
P.S. If you’ve had a bit much to eat today, you may be feeling very whale-like yourself right now. Be kind to all things lumbering today. 🙂

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