Beloveds, we are listening

“Successful understanding of another’s point of view comes not from imaging their point of view, but from asking and listening—from getting the another’s perspective rather than taking it. ” — Nicholas Epley
In December, the Body Trust team will be doing our annual strategy meeting. Rather than just guessing what you might need or want, we really want to know what’s up for you. What is on your mind or in your body right now?
Specifically . . .
1. What are you wrestling with in your embodied life?
2. Of all the things Body Trust has offered*, what has been most useful?
3. What else would you most like us to bring into form?
Just reply to this email with your thoughts or, if you prefer to be anonymous, use this online form.
We’d love to hear from you before we meet on Dec. 9th.
Amy, Alex, Lizz, Zed
*We’ve been offering: weekend workshops, residential long-form workshops, online morning meditation, half-day year wheel workshops, podcasts, newsletters, Facebook groups, coloring book, Erotix journal, website, individual SI sessions, etc.

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