Garland Jarmon, MSW is a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Sacred Intimate, healer, spiritual teacher, and somatic educator. His desire for a healthier world is the foundation of his work; the health of the world is in the health of the individual – as the individual heals so do their relationships, their communities, and the planet.

His journey has brought him from the altars of Western Christendom to the embodied practices of Eastern Tantra and, as a Gay Black Male, coupled with his experience as a Social Worker, sexual health educator, and coach he stands passionately at the intersections of race, spirituality, and sexuality.

His practice is an evolving exploration in how individuals can re-member (assemble again) their instinctive knowledge of how to be fully Divine and fully embodied. His other passions are art, music, the written and spoken word, and travel. 

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