Where are your portals?

Right now the whole Body Trust team is at the Bodhi in New Mexico at our Portals of Pleasure retreat doing a deep dive into erotic pleasures with a group of twenty beloveds. But while we’re away, we haven’t forgotten those of you who couldn’t be there with us. In fact, we’re sending you some Portals-love!
We’re working on a Body Trust coloring book. In it, we channel voice to the chakras in words and images. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the First (Root) Chakra.  Drawing by Amy Butcher.
About the 1st Chakra, AKA the Root:
From where I sit, I can see up and down. I am the base of the tail, the coccyx, the focal point, the balance of grounding and support. When I am robust, my tendrils lunge downward, extending toward the ground. Like an umbilical to the planet. A woven web of pelvic fibers holds the form, to tend and support the functions of the entire body.
With a deep anal breath and love,
The Body Trust Team

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