What do you desire?

How many times have you been asked, “What do you want?” and your mind goes blank? We’ll break down ways to ask ourselves more specific questions whenever that comes up, and do somatic exercises to uncover and connect to pathways into our desires — whether they’re around eroticism, nourishment, rest, play, connection, or other things.

There are myriad factors that keep us from connecting with our bodies at all (most of which are dictated and enforced by the overculture), such as capitalism, puritanical work ethics, the (ongoing) pandemic, systemic marginalization, dysphoria, trauma, and exhaustion. We can honor those realities and work toward fully inhabiting our bodies, so we can listen to not just our physical desires, but our emotional, spiritual, relational, intellectual, and energetic desires too.

 Alex & Zed will be combining their tools of sex therapy, embodiment, and expressive arts to excavate our relationships to desire, and conduct embodied experiential exercises and practical tools that you can use in your day to day life. Come ponder with us about pleasure, and support each other to build the space to root into our desires.

Building on the foundations that we dove into in the 2-hour Desire Body workshop, this day-long intensive is a deep dive into the embodied experience of desire. You do not have to have attended the 2-hour version to attend this intensive.

Because we know being on Zoom for more than two hours can be hard on our bodies and our systems, this workshop will run 10am-6pm in two hour blocks, with one hour break in between each block. We’ll be on Zoom from 10am-12pm, 1-3pm, and 4-6pm, and give you (optional) reflection and integration exercises to do solo during the breaks.

For everyone’s privacy, and so we can share freely, this event will not be recorded.

with Alex & Zed
October 21, 2023
10am-6pm PT | 1-9pm ET
8 hour online workshop
$350-750 sliding scale