What do you desire?

What do you want, crave, or long for — what do you desire? How do you feel desire in your body? What are the blocks to feeling desire? And once you find desire, how do you express it? In this workshop, Alex & Zed will be combining their tools of sex therapy, embodiment, and expressive arts to excavate our relationships to desire. We’ll look at what the impediments are to feeling desire, such as trauma, overculture indoctrination, dysphoria, and more. We’ll do some exercises to encourage ourselves to source desire from our bodies, building a ‘desire buffet’ so that we can have more permission to explore and express. Come ponder with us about pleasure, and support each other to build the space to root into our desires.

Sliding scale: $50 – $100 – $150

2-hour online workshop
with Alex & Zed
Wednesday, June 5, 2023
5-7pm Pacific
7-9pm Eastern