Tru (she/her/they/them) is a genderqueer kinkster who loves to geek out on sex and intimacy and strives to understand and de-clusterfuck the impacts of systemic oppression on all bodies.  Tru understands that embodiment practices cannot be separated from social justice work, and they believe individual and collective liberation happens one body, one breath at a time.  Tru’s curiosity and wide range of interests are evident in the work they offer — as a Sacred Intimate, sex and intimacy coach, a dancer, teacher of a movement mediation practice, a potter, and a lawyer.  They have facilitated workshops focusing on intimacy, touch, BDSM skills, dance, and clay, as well as provided diversity and anti-oppression trainings.  Some trainings that inform Tru’s work include:  Sacred Intimacy Through a Tantric Lens; Theater of the Oppressed Facilitator training; Betty Martin’s Like a Pro; Open Floor teacher training; and the action-based methodology of psychodrama.  Tru uses ritual, touch, dance, and art in their work, and loves using their body for exploration, learning, and general shenanigans.   As a multi-racial genderqueer body, Tru understands what it feels like to not belong to any particular place or culture, and what it means to re-write the stories we have about identity, sex, and the right to experience deep embodied pleasure and joy.