Erotix: Literary Journal of Somatics

erotix: literary journal of somatics cover image

Erotix is a journal expressing our erotic embodiment explorations in words and art. We provide a space to articulate the epistemology of the body, the knowledge found in somatic exploration, and methodologies for healing.

It is intended to be read by both practitioners and students alike, in order to continue to spark connection, thought, and deeper investigation by those exploring the sacred somatic, erotic embodiment, and healing body trauma worlds.

Erotix does not include any advertisements.

About Issue #1:

A baker’s dozen writers come together to explore the idea of what it is to be adventuring in a body: what is it to connect with others? What is it to experience intense sensation? What is it to transform? What is it to live in this particular body that we have? Using erotic touch, somatics, BDSM, love, and more, this journal explores the poetry and prose of the erotic experience in many different forms.

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Table of Contents:

Alex Jade – Engaging in an Erotic World
Amy Butcher – Between Silence and Words
Cooper Taite – assuming the sexual position
Elsha LaRossa – On Service
Jennifer Cross – Coming Home
Jennye Patterson – Blood Let
Karla Linden – For the Further Progression of Literary Domination
Kat Heatherington – 4 poems
Misha Bonaventura – my beauty reflected”
Porter Witsell – How to Have a Body
Val Prozorova – The Opposite of Vicarious
Megan Jennifer – Word Play
Zed Rook – A Poem for the Closing of Workshops