Update: Wonder Body Connection Tour

The Wonder Body Connection Tour is all over the place, bringing the aliveness of the coloring book near and far. We’ve started describing it as “an embodiment guide disguised as a coloring book.”
I’m looking at this as a chance for me to explore what markers of community say “safe” to me, and which ones say “caution.” Can I test what assumptions are beneath those judgements? Can I adjust those that need changing. I feel untethered in a good way, with the veil between the “known” world and the “discoverable” one being worn thinner. I’m in a deep meditation on what it takes to make connection, to push the conversation to the places that get to the heart of the matter—whatever that may be.
Right now, Alex and I are in Asheville, NC and will be heading to Savannah this weekend, before making our way to Atlanta. You can keep up with all the latest adventures at bodytrustcircle/wonder-body/tour (we just redid it so it’s now very pretty!). It’s sure to be full of surprises.
We’d love to see you!
— Amy


What’s the point of coloring?

“What’s the Point of All This?”

In the last chapter of the Wonder Body coloring book, we tried to articulate why something as seemingly frivolous as coloring might actually be important, critical even, in these challenging political times. With all that has happened this past week, this question seems as important than ever.
Here is what we spoke in the coloring book. See if has resonance for you now.

The body as a tool of connection

The mass of cells, science, and spiritual principles that we call our body is alive. We are complex super generators of sensation, energy, emotion, cognition, and intelligence. Bodies are mechanisms of engagement, the vehicles in which we participate in living. Our alive individual self only exists in connection; living is a process of engagement and exchange, whether we are aware of it or not.

Individuated and interdependent

Resilience—the ability to spring back into shape after impact, loss, and severing—keeps us alive. It is through awareness of interconnection that resilience thrives. Awareness and tuning of your whole body fully primes your engagement with the world. Yes, bodies are amazing resources for pleasure.
This pleasure is important—essential even. And bodies are also hypersensitive tools of connection. Part of the joy of living in a body is not just knowing our own individual experience but also in having the capacity to be in resonance with others, to sense—through our bodies—their pain, love, and hope and how it mirrors our own. Our embodied intelligence and attunement can heal wounds.
By coloring these pages you have fine-tuned your awareness, including the awareness of your body and the priming of its capacity. Treat it like the gift that it is and share it, ensuring this magical potency continues to grow.
We encourage you to feel into the web of connections. Be generous with yourself and others. Be a place of refuge of safety and compassion because…
…you’ve got superpowers now!
— Alex & Amy


Wonder Body Coloring Book coming August 15th!

Wonder Body!
the new adult coloring book from Body Trust
is coming August 15th with a party on the 17th

If you’re in Seattle, come join us for a free celebration book launch party on Thursday, August 17th 7:00-8:30pm at Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse (2811 Mt. Rainier Dr. S, Seattle, WA 98144). There will be wine, beer, snacks, and also a big 6’x6′ dry-erase coloring mandala. Amy and Alex will tell tales about the back story of the book and how it came into form. We’ll have copies for sale and happily autograph them!
Join us!
Thursday, August 17th 7:00-8:30pm
Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse
2811 Mt. Rainier Dr. S,
Seattle, WA 98144
Check out more about the coloring book at


Behind the scenes in booklandia . . .

Our super-secret coloring book project is coming closer to it’s debut. Heck, it’s even getting its own ‘beauty shots’ taken (see above). We’re super proud of Wonder Body: A Coloring Book for Curious Adults, which will be released on August 15th. It’s a quirky adult coloring book—as only Body Trust could bring you—exploring all things embodiment: 15 unique senses, the subtle body system, and 10 random portals of pleasure.
We believe so much in this book and it’s potential to bring more aliveness into the mind, body, and hearts of colorists, that we’ve hired the fabulous folks at Three Girls Media to get the word out. Together, over the next few weeks, we’re going to really ramp up our social media posting to build some buzz. I mean really ramp it up.
You know the Body Trust team well enough to know that Zed is really the only one of us who is truly a social media literati, while Lizz, Alex, and I are, shall we say, somewhat less fluent. Therefore, Three Girls is going to help us out (kind of like a vantriloquist and its dummy) as we enter the conversation more often on FacebookPinterestInstagram and Twitter. Please be patient with us we fine-tune this collaboration, find our voice, and reset our participation levels from ‘quiet’ to ‘chatter-box’. It’s for a good cause!
And let us know what you think along the way. We’d love to hear from you as we . . . put the pencil to the paper and find the pleasure on the page!
— Amy, for the Body Trust team