What defines your limits?

Sometimes I need to find some relief from the onslaught of news
Part of resilience and self-care is knowing when I’ve had enough, when my system needs some “down regulation” as Lizz likes to say, and when it is necessary to intentionally search for something positive. When those moments come I sometimes turn to Positive.News.
That’s where I found this article about folks defying the limits of age. Whether the dancer who began his career at 79 or the man who began primary school at age 84, I am inspired by them. It’s not so much because they are defying society’s stereotypes but because they are defying any internalized ones. They’ve had the courage to lay claim to their desires, even if they seem crazy, and go after them, knowing they are unlikely to become ‘superstars.’ They have been willing to find the outer limits of their aliveness, even as that edge of potential shrinks with age. They have found resilience in the push/pull between possibility and death.
What are you longing for? What’s the thing you’ve always meant to do? Now’s the time!
— Amy
source: Helen Cathcart/Bolder


What’s the point of coloring?

“What’s the Point of All This?”

In the last chapter of the Wonder Body coloring book, we tried to articulate why something as seemingly frivolous as coloring might actually be important, critical even, in these challenging political times. With all that has happened this past week, this question seems as important than ever.
Here is what we spoke in the coloring book. See if has resonance for you now.

The body as a tool of connection

The mass of cells, science, and spiritual principles that we call our body is alive. We are complex super generators of sensation, energy, emotion, cognition, and intelligence. Bodies are mechanisms of engagement, the vehicles in which we participate in living. Our alive individual self only exists in connection; living is a process of engagement and exchange, whether we are aware of it or not.

Individuated and interdependent

Resilience—the ability to spring back into shape after impact, loss, and severing—keeps us alive. It is through awareness of interconnection that resilience thrives. Awareness and tuning of your whole body fully primes your engagement with the world. Yes, bodies are amazing resources for pleasure.
This pleasure is important—essential even. And bodies are also hypersensitive tools of connection. Part of the joy of living in a body is not just knowing our own individual experience but also in having the capacity to be in resonance with others, to sense—through our bodies—their pain, love, and hope and how it mirrors our own. Our embodied intelligence and attunement can heal wounds.
By coloring these pages you have fine-tuned your awareness, including the awareness of your body and the priming of its capacity. Treat it like the gift that it is and share it, ensuring this magical potency continues to grow.
We encourage you to feel into the web of connections. Be generous with yourself and others. Be a place of refuge of safety and compassion because…
…you’ve got superpowers now!
— Alex & Amy