Pleasure Tonic

Stuck in your winter cave? Had overwhelming emotions or loss? Have been physically challenged by multiple respiratory infections and the flu only to be followed by springtime allergies? Need replenishment? Do you need some help?
Use pleasure as a tonic. Create experiments that focus on receiving pleasure. You can start with a sip of pleasure. One minute of pleasure, with full presence. Breath. Take in a beautiful image, nourishing touch, a sexy flirt or a tasty bite. These initial minutes of pleasure will build on each other. Notice the results.
Taking in pleasure may melt the numbness or warm up some emotions. Use pleasure to bath yourself, and wash away what may be painful or if you have some suffering.
What if we joined together and shared our pleasure tonic? Here is a taste of my pleasure experiments. Please share yours.
with pleasure,


Can you sense the pace of change?

Things are quickening, beginning the process of change and growth, starting to stir. We take collective note through Groundhog Day and Imbolc but, sometimes, it’s really hard to sense the ‘readying’. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the slowly evolving drama.
So take a look at the NOVA video and see all the many ways—pretty and grotesque—that plants unfold. As I watched, I could feel that very same process in my body.
Where are you moving out? Is that process of change perhaps a little less pretty than you thought it might be? I know it is for me, but that’s OK.
Watch and feel.


ice portal with birds

Watch the strange, stark, intense beauty that is an iceberg. All sorts of things are portals.

Video taken by Zed in southeast Alaska a few weeks ago at Tracy Arm fjord.