rise – emerge – appear – materialize

To be honest, dear beloveds, time is moving too fast for me. I have more energy, but that means I make more plans and show up more places and meet with more people, and part of me wants to crawl back into the cave of winter where I can read all the books and curl up with Darby (my 12 year old cat).
The emergence is also calling me, so here I am, putting things on my calendar, writing words in linear sentences that sometimes make sense.
But I think I will sit and breathe and pause right now, instead of writing more of this.
<3 Zed PS: Sharon Salzberg has her Real Happiness Meditation Challenge going on right now, and I love getting 5-10 minute audio meditations in my inbox in the morning, and I haven’t done today’s yet. So here I go.

A little bit of Body Trust housekeeping:

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