Conscious connection….consent

During this stormy winter month, I have been pondering aliveness and eros. Not a new theme for me, yet in the uncomfortable place of change or upheaval, I move towards cultivation of aliveness.
When aliveness involves connection with others, a central aspect of conscious connection is consent. Today I have two great resources on consent that I want to share.
I am thrilled to pass on the announcement that Betty Martin’s work with consent is expanded into a School of Consent. A team of trainers is now available to teach and offer—to individuals, groups, professionals, and businesses—the ‘Wheel of Consent’ and a consent curriculum. The website has gifts, downloads, and introductory teachings about consent.
A more local resource I know of is the Consent Academy, started in 2016. This website is packed full of interesting articles and insights on building a consent culture. I appreciated the variety of voices available.

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