Potency at Portals

I want to riff on our theme of “potency” for this month, and to write to you about golden showers and the May pole, about focusing on a single point, about the geometric manifestation of an energy—but honestly most of what I’ve been working on with Body Trust lately is getting the Portals of Pleasure registration up and ready for YOU all to come and enter the first portal!
This annual deep temple retreat holds so much potency for me. This will be our 8th summer retreat together, the four of us, and our third that we’ve produced on our own. Retreating like this in the summer with a circle of women & genderqueer folks has become an axis around which my year spins, a pole to hang my ribbons on. I go deep and weep and open up in ways that I almost never expect, and sometimes I soar with the ecstasy of release or power or connection.
I love how we’ve started weaving more art in to our retreats. Art has been such an incredibly potent portal for me—and is for so many, I think—that it makes sense that we started including more of it, as a way to access our connection to spirit, to creation, to divinity. I channel when I write in a way that I don’t do any other place in my life (well, except maybe having sex).
We’ll be back at the Bodhi Manda Zen Center this year, and I can’t wait to dip down into those hot spring pools and get rejuvenated. I remember the last year I was there, in 2012, lying on my bed after soaking the first night I was there, marveling at Hosen’s joyousness and good attitude, and thinking, “You know, if I soaked in these pools every day, I would be pretty blissful, too.”
Hope you will come join us this summer!
xo Zed

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