Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is a foundational breath practice to support resilience and potency. Our theme this month is potency and basic to potency is the breath-it’s nourishment, focalizes attention, creates resilience and is a passage into various states of consciousness. Diaphragmatic Breathing is among one of the essential breath practices of tantra.
How to do this breath:
-Notice your posture.
Sit, stand or lay down so that your spine is stacked on itself.
-Place your hands on the side on your torso, touching the lower ribs.
-Breath deeply, focusing on the place where your hands are touching your ribs.
-Notice the pace of your breath, and if you are holding it at the end of inhalation or exhalation. Iron out your breath, so that it is a cycle without pause.
-Expand your breath, following your diaphragm
to all points of contact it makes with your front, side and back ribs.
*You are now breathing with diaphragmatic fullness!
This breath practice can be used for body awareness, with a meditation practice and to shift anxiety. Play with it and see how it shifts the way you understand your breath.

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