A quiet voice is whispering . . .

Something is coming
 clock train
I’m starting to feel it: the flickering flame catching, the spark jumping, more and more on either side of the dim flame catching light and spreading, the heat spreading upward and out. Since our spring-forward daylight savings time change, the days feel longer, with more sunlight and daytime, suntime and daylight.
I’m noticing myself growing. Sometimes, just noticing the growing and naming it is the radical, revolutionary act. Change happens while we’re making other plans, while we’re going along seeking stability or transformation or pleasure or relief or whatever we path on which we might particularly be seeking right now. I’m noticing my path changing: New opportunities forking me into new directions, paths which used to be wide open and that I expected to go on for many more tanks of gas are now tiny walking trails that I’m carefully scrambling through. I’m attempting to reevaluate, reevaluate, reevaluate—from the place of now, rather than being attached to the decision my former self made when I started along this road. I’m not them anymore, I know different things.
This week, I can really feel that. In my morning meditations, some quiet voice is whispering, *change is coming, change is here, change is coming, change has already happened.* Everything is green green green and today the sun is shining, the leaves are bursting out of their branches which were just a week ago bare.
Something is coming. I can feel the heat, the green, the forks in the paths. I’m watching, following my deep pleasure, following my inner quiet, to take me somewhere new.

How about you? What do you feel quickening in your body? What are you hoping to bud?

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