Equinox Meditation

As spoken to the Tantra SM equinox celebrants.
Lay on the floor or the ground.   Relax your body.  Notice your breath.  Let your breath move your body. With the inhalation and exhalation, your tissues will respond with the expansion.   With each breath, sink into the ground.   Gravity is the earth’s embrace.
Continue to notice your breath, follow the in/out breath through your nostrils into your nasal passages.   Breath into the area between your eye brows.  Once firmly aware of the place between the eyes, with your breath move your attention back into the middle of your mind, into the inner eye located behind your eyeballs.    From your inner eye, scan down your body. Allow the zenith of the sun to illuminate the seeds to be planted, or the germinating seeds already there.  Notice the potential.  Scan your whole body, noticing the ripeness, the quickening, and the seeds swelling.  Planted to express through the coming months.   Fertilized by yearning and desire.  Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Focus on your breath, following your breath back toward the place between your eyebrows, and then your nasal septum.  Breathing into the place between your nostrils.   Next, follow your breath as it goes from your nostrils all the way into your lungs.  Breathe deeply into the region of your heart.
Become aware of your limbs, feeling the periphery of your body.  Gently wiggle your fingers and toes.  Take some time to bask in the relaxation and illumination.
Thank you

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