In praise of serendipity

How we discover

I often feel like I move through the world backwards as compared to the more goal-directed folks all around me. They march forward, a clear destination in their sites. I meander, side-to-side, traversing and spinning along an emerging path, patiently awaiting surprise.
But what if there was value in that wandering? Or as this article on serendipity asks: How do we cultivate the art of finding what we’re not seeking?
Finding pleasures in the body often needs that same serendipity and openness to unexpected delights. Otherwise, we run the risk of narrowing our focus to what is already known, seen, or felt. I mean, how would I have discovered the pleasure portal of someone’s heel pressed into my armpit (really! you should try it) or the potency of having someone whisper in my ear a description of their favorite breakfast (the one that makes us both swoon!) if I hadn’t wandered down some overgrown embodiment paths. The terrain is full of surprises if you wander off the main trail.
— Amy