Fire season

This is fire season in the Northwest.   Heat, smoke, and fire press on the mammals, landscape, and water ways.   When I was a Ranger working the forest service, part of my job was to explain the positive benefits and health value of fire in a forest.  Clears out the old, opens to the new.
Fire in our belly combusts and changes organic mater into the nutrients that are food for our cells.   Emotionally and psychically, the solar plexus burns the inner flame of vitality.  When our heat gets turned up, we can take action with ferocity.  Or sometimes it can leap up and start burning the heart center.  Anxiety, heart burn, and ulcerated tissues are forms of the flame.   When the flame burns low, our life force diminishes.
Play with the fire! — it is essential to vitality. Recently my fire has burnt through my gums so strongly that my dentist stated, “This is the worst I have seen your mouth.” In the inquiry about my flame, I ask: where is this heat coming from and what it is doing to my body?  Clearing out the old for the new to open? Or just too much heat produced from hormones, toxins, stress?  Being aware of my heat is the first part of the inquiry … but many more questions follow.
How is your flame during this fire season?
Burn on …