A Wonder Woman rabbit hole of delight

First, a quick note!

Portals of Pleasure, our annual 5-day retreat, is coming up July 18-22. We still have some space in it if you feel called to join us! We also have one full scholarship left for a person of color, which includes airfare (thank you, donor!). If you or someone you know would be a good fit for that, please do get in touch with us.
— Zed
Now, on to Alex’s note to you! 

I have fallen into a rabbit hole of delight.

It happens occasionally, and I find it invigorating and transformative.
It started with another nudge to see the movie Professor Marston and Wonder Woman. As a teenager in the 1970s, I had rejected Wonder Woman based on my idea that she an image designed by men, so I was reluctant to see the movie.  I had waited for its appearance in theatres in Seattle, but must have missed it so I rented it last week.
Then it happened: I fell down a rabbit hole.
The movie was sexy and delightful.  I had a dream about the content, and decided to watch it again.  Then I was inspired to read more about the Marstons DISC theory of human emotion and interaction: Dominance, Inducation, Submission and Compliance.  I also found more about Angela Robinson, the director, and Jill Lepore, the author of The Secret History of Wonder Woman.
What was delightful was all the surprises.  I didn’t know much about the history of Wonder Woman, about the screen writer/film maker, or about early academic theory about the emotional traits and dominance/submission. But I feel in love with the images and ideas of Angela Robinson and the thoughts of Jill Lepore.
I wondered through this for a few days, tasting the ideas and thoughts of these thinkers and erotic pioneers.  And to follow my pleasure and interests.
Here is the trailer; check it out.

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