The Pleasure Lab Podcast – Episode 31

Show Notes:

Length: 00:29:46
Season 2: The Interview Season!
During this season, we’ll talk with pioneers in the field of embodiment. In this episode, Amy interviews Marcia Baczynski (starts at 00:01:16)
Marcia Baczynski can be found at Asking for What You Want. Learn more about her projects, including The Good Girl Recovery project and her collaboration with MIdori, Make Hot Play Happen.
Marcia’s recommended resources include: Brené Brown, Daring Greatly; Barbara Carrellas, Ecstasy is Necessary; Betty Dodson, Sex for One; and Betty Martin’s work (and forthcoming book).
Music: Grateful to Little Dog Big Ears for their Creative Commons licensed music She Sees Mice (intro and outdo).
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