Dear introvert: You are amazing.

I am not going to sing your praise in a loud public way, knowing that you will shrink into the sidelines from too much exposure. I will shout it out here, so that you can take it in while drinking a cup of tea or hear it whispered to you by a beloved.


Your thoughtful creativity emerges from deep inside. The fingerprint of your soul is expressed through your art. Thank you for taking the time to ponder, to be alone and to create. Thank you for letting me see what you have created. I feel the effect.


You are a good friend, and fun company. You know sensate pleasure. You can savor the taste of food, listen to moving music, be touched by beauty and have fun with your body. You have emotional intensity, and ask deep piercing questions.


Take time to nurture yourself, resting and being solo, because those moments feed you and your dynamo. And it is your dynamo that can feed the planet. I adore that flow in you.


With love, 



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