Portals of Pleasure, an offering

When two of more gather, a circle emerges. The circle has potential, is greater than individual, and holds life. Circle work: we gather in community to explore soulful embodiment and to replenish ourselves—individuated and interdependent—utilizing the group energy for the micro and macro. Circles form and dissipate intentionally, spontaneously, and naturally. An intentional circle can be a portal.
There is a portal in New Mexico. The Body Trust retreat Portals of Pleasure is occurring from July 19 through July 23 in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. Individuals are prepared and traveling, guided by intention, the circle is formed and we are drawing close.
During these days and nights together, we create a particular portal for transformation. From a distance, there is opportunity for you to connect. How to join? Set an intention to tap into the portal and receive the energetic offering.  It could look like meditating in the morning knowing that we sit in meditation, or taking time to nourish yourself, or finding a somatic pleasure and sharing it with another.
Feel it,

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