Detox? Why would I want to do one of those?

My tantra teacher, Rudy Ballentine, always suggested trying a detox when I didn’t feel well. And, I must admit, I was always resistant to this idea. I didn’t want too because it triggered feelings of being deprived and controlled around food, from my childhood.
Alas, I started doing detoxes about 10 years ago and whenever, AND I REALLY DO MEAN WHENEVER I did one I always felt better!!! But, big sigh, I am still resistant to doing them. Every spring I try to talk myself out of doing a detox. Ideally we would detox twice a year….once in the fall and once in the spring, every 6 months.
And guess what! Spring is kind of here. And I’m saying out loud, to you all, that I am going to do a detox in April or early May. Ok? And I will support anyone else who wants to do one, seriously.

Now, why would you do a cleanse/detox?
Because you are experiencing:
-inability to concentrate/brain fog
-fatigue and lack of energy
-digestive complaints
-muscle weakness

A grounds keeper at the Himalayan Institute said, “Machinery doesn’t break down because it’s old. It breaks down because of dirt that collects inside. That’s what wears out the moving parts and ruins it. If you keep it clean, it will last almost forever.”
This is a quote from the detox chapter in Rudy’s book, Radical Healing. I highly recommend reading this, it’s wonderful and explains detoxification in a thorough way. Once you understand what needs cleansing you can choose the right type of detox for you.
Here’s to a lighter us!

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