Curious about the rhythm of your inner cosmos?

Exploring the rhythm within your body directs your focus inward and offers an opportunity to experience your unique pulse and movement. Awareness of your rhythms will bring increased capacity and potency.
The most bold and loud rhythm in your body is your breath. Notice the rhythm of the inhalation and exhalation. Change your breath pattern, and investigate what happens. As your lungs fill with air, your diaphragm moves. Diaphragm movement will elicit other movements throughout your body.
The beat of your heart is a softer rhythm. Can you feel this beat in your chest, through your fingers touching your wrist, or in your belly? When does you heart rhythm increase, how does it slow down?
The subtlest rhythm is, as John Upledger describes it, “the subtle pulsation of the craniosacral system as cerebrospinal fluid circulates through it in a dynamic loop.” You can feel this by touch with your hands or through proprioception in your joints. To explore your craniosacral rhythm, place your hands gently around your ears, using soft contact, and feel with your hands. Notice the expansion and releasing.
Rhythm can be a road map to pleasure, openness, and ease.

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