What kind of superhero are you?

May’s theme is all about potency. What power is rotating at about your core? What kind of vortex are you creating by your very being? As kids, we might have imagined ourselves to be Spiderman, WonderWoman, or a pirate witch who transgressed cultural norms. Somewhere inside, though, we knew we held deeper capacities than our mundane world acknowledged. We knew we had superpowers.
So what is your superhero name? What is your superpower? Your tool, sword, or cape? How do your superpowers show up in your life, especially in the erotic realm?
Perhaps your sensible adult has grown a bit rusty at this whole superhero name thing. Never fear! Just use this chart as a starting point to determine your superhero name. Once you have your mighty moniker then what do you think your super power might be? What is it’s symbol? And, unlike Clark Kent oblivious to the tiny untucked corner of his cape peeking out of those 1950s trousers, how can you let your superpowers be known this month?
— Amy
Superhero names

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