detox smallIt is that time of year for me, springtime is cleanse time. Each spring for many years I do a ritual cleanse. This year also included a time off grid at a natural hot springs. This gave me an opportunity to consciously shift my intake of food, internet, usual activities and then support release. I now feel the flexibility and resourcefulness of my whole body.
And every spring I read the detox chapter, Chapter 8, of Radical Healing by Rudolph Ballentine, MD. This chapter assists in identifying what kind of detox, for what purpose and how to detox. I also follow the guidance of my naturopathic physician, where she suggested a particular type of cleanse that fits my body and health needs.
Here is a simple approach to detox taken from Radical Healing, pg. 318:
For maintenance of…

  • Colon: Exercise, High-fiber diet, water
  • Urinary Tract: Water, Diet low in fat, salt, protein
  • Skin: Water, aerobic
  • Lungs: Complete Breath

Ahhh, getting clear and cleaner. Why don’t you join me this year?

How about you? What holes are calling? What feels holy? How are you becoming whole?


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