Spring is, well, springing

The spring is coiling . . .
During this month of March, we here at Body Trust are pondering the theme of “quickening.” What is that impulse that forms the cherry buds that become the blossoms? What makes a crocus push its way up through the snow into the lengthening daylight? What is the impulse that comes before the flowering? And how does it manifest in our bodies?
Alex and I were discussing this very thing for the upcoming episode of the Pleasure Lab podcast. We felt the impulse in our bodies, a wriggling up, a potency that gathered speed until it stuck in our throats, just before the point of words. It kept repeating itself, silently gathering, until we laughed . . . because silent gestures make for lousy podcasts.
Medically, “quickening” is the first perceptible movement of the fetus in utero. Linguistically, the verb form means “to make more rapid, accelerate” or “to become more alive.” But magically, I have to wonder if—when the croci emerge and those cherry blossoms weigh heavy overhead—how do they sense the quickening in us? Do they smile their compassionate flowery smiles and say, “Oh, those humans, look at them doing their springtime thing again . . .”
In my body I feel the quickening as a frustration. What will I let come to fruition? Have I gathered the resources necessary to bring things into form? Can I suffer this place of readiness before outcome is known? We shall see. 🙂

How about you? What do you feel quickening in your body? What are you hoping to bud?


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