To Rest is Radical

Yoga Nidra: A practice of resting into the center of your being, into form and formlessness.

Hello Beloveds!
The veil is thin and the days cooler, shorter and darker. Rest beckons yet we may resist. Recently I went to a Yoga Nidra event led by a teacher from the UK, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD. It rocked my world! The approach she uses is very feminine, circular, non-prescriptive and inviting. The intention of the practice is to assist ourselves in coming home. I did not fall asleep, which is a common use of Yoga Nidra. I actually experienced an awakened awareness that connected me to my form and formlessness in an exquisite container of softness.

Here’s a sample by a student of Uma’s I really like. See what you think!

With all the business of life, a practice of conscious rest can be considered a form of activism.
With love,