Pleasure First: Jaiya on Systems of Arousal, Erotic Breakthroughs, and Inarguable Truths

Jaiya is a somatic sexology expert, working with people in various forms for over twenty years. She has created a unique system for one’s “erotic blueprint,” which can help explain different needs, wants, and communications personally and interpersonally. She joins Zed for a conversation about her work and inspirations, and shares her most recommended resources.
Thanks to Jaiya for being our guest! Find out even more about her and her work at
Here are some of the resources that Jaiya mentioned:
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute; Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine; Body Mapping on Embody Pleasure; Rapid Transformational Therapy; The Relationship Skills Workbook by Julia B. Colwell
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