Sense of Sight and the Wonder Body: the bully sense, soothing colors, and live action coloring!

In this episode of Season 3, Amy and Alex explore the sense of sight, one of the big 5. In a departure, they try and color the “sight” page while conversing about the sense (see if they can actually multi-task!). So you may find their conversation a bit more languid than normal as they try and choose colors and talk at the same time. Print out the page for yourself and join us at the coloring table.
Sight, how it works, and how it creates pleasure. How is sight used to take in information about connection to others and our environment? Is the sense of sight a bully that dominates the other senses? When does our sight become habitual and at what cost?
Share your colored “sight” pages with us (download here). What do you see? We’d love to see through your eyes. 🙂
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Amy & Alex

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