Pride month. Reveal and Witness.

Pride is a consciousness of one’s own dignity. An experience of feeling worthy, of honor and respect. Reveal and tell, a witness listens and this action expresses dignity.
In my journey to learn more about listening, I watched the TED talk The Power of Two – How Listening Shapes Storytelling: Paul Browde & Murray Nossel. They say, “Listening and telling, one can not exist without the other.” It is in listening to their story, that I can become a better listener.
I also recommend watching Sayantani DasGupta discuss narrative humility. In this talk, she eloquently speaks about human need to been seen and heard.
I am moved by the power of the witness, and acknowledge that this is what we do for each other at Body Trust.
Thank you for listening to our stories all these years, I feel honored.
Enjoy Pride Month,

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