Sit Upon

In times of quivering activity, bursting creations, or churning chaos, it is a good idea to have a ‘Sit Upon’.
Years of guiding pelvic floor relaxation and anal breathing led to a collaborative installation at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival called Better Living through The Root. Part of the installation was small rubber balls nestled atop benches with instructions for how to use them while anal breathing. The most surprising discovery for me was the deep relaxation and connection to my body that arose from sitting on these physical therapy balls. They offered awareness to my pelvic muscles and anus, allowing for full body relaxation and openness.
So now I have been exploring what other items and locations I can ‘sit upon’ to create pelvic awareness. Small curved rocks into which my sits bones can nestle allow for direct connection to my root and the earth. Straddle a log, sit on a small cushion, or discover a mound in the grass.
Nestle your pelvis, breathe, and tell me where you are.

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