Climbing down to climb up

Image & inspiration from Brene Brown’s talk on empathy.
The theme for May is “blossoming”.
Exciting, upward, explosive energy of those germinating sprouts and all their potency finally breaking the surface and busting into the sunlight.
But sometimes those sprouts needed a little support, a little empathy, before they pushed themselves up and out. Just picture those shoots who, so intent on their destiny, have lifted cracked pavement off their backs to find the sun. Don’t you imagine they might have had a moment of self-doubt underground, a moment when a passing worm paused and wordlessly bore witness to their struggle. Can’t you feel how that little earthy empathy might have given them the courage they needed to keep growing?
I can.
Sweet springtime to you,
— Amy
PS: Don’t forget about Portals of Pleasure! Registration is now open. It happens July 19-23, 2017 near Albuquerque, New Mexico, and women and non-binary folks with some experience in erotic embodiment circles are invited.

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