Top of the roller coaster!

Fall is coming, the equinox approaches. Quite literally, this is that fantastic balance point when daylight roughly equals night, when the plane of the earth’s equator bisects the center of the sun (or, if viewed from the good old earth-centric point of view, we go from the north pole being tipped towards the sun to it being tipped away).
I like to imagine a collective planetary “whoohoo!” at this peak of the interstellar roller coaster ride. We’re about to hit that point where up and down are balanced, where we hang momentarily in space as both and neither, before the exhilarating decent into winter towards the solstice.
And do we feel this in our bodies? In part because of the fantastic capacity of proprioception or the senses that allow us to know where our bodies are in space. Alex and I have been thinking about this as we work on the coloring book. In fact, here’s a little sneak peak . . .
Enjoy this tipping point!

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