Embodied Strategic Planning

Dear Beloveds!
Body Trust met this past weekend in Oakland—we were both productive and had lots of fun together! We went to a spa in San Francisco and got scrubs at the same time and were reminded that none of us are masochists! They threw us around and scrubbed our skin off! But we were loopy and glowing and all slept well.
We planned most of 2017 and have some juicy new projects and offerings coming your way….to be announced soon.
Most importantly, we continue to be dedicated, inspired and committed to our mission.
— Lizz
Mission Statement
Body Trust is a sacred somatic collaborative dedicated to the body as a laboratory for transformation. We offer workshops and teachings (and other accessories) to inspire increased capacity for embodiment in order to serve the microcosm of our bodies and the macrocosm of the planet.We honor the divine wisdom within every body’s journey, the power of the erotic realm for healing and integration, and the value of access to all realms of human experience. We operate within the principles of radical inclusivity, sustainable business, circle technology, and post-modern queer Tantra.

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