Amy's Portal of Pleasure: Drawing

One of my favorite portals of pleasure is drawing. What I love about the process is the deep witnessing of another creature (in this case, a flower–can you name the kind?). In order for me to draw it, I first have to really see it.

  • How do the blossoms change as they move from open to closed to barely buds?
  • What is that pattern on the leaves (it really is this crazy)?
  • Are the leaves alternating or opposing?
  • How to I create something on paper that captures what exists in three dimensions?
  • What lines will capture the essence?
  • So many details that I only really notice when I’m trying to filter it through my eyes, my brain, and then back out through my fingers and pen. I become an alert, witnessing conduit. It awakens a capacity for ‘knowing’ that serves me in so many other places in my life.

This type of witnessing with curiosity is deeply pleasurable for me. It serves me when I bring that same attention to another’s body, or my own.

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