Pleasure Lab Podcast – Episode 00

PleasureLabEpisode00Show Notes:

Length: 23:26
Intro to Amy, Zed, Body Trust, and Pleasure Lab (00:40)
Clitoris Poem (19:31)
TT@H: hands to water (17:03)
Music: Grateful to Little Dog Big Ears for their Creative Commons licensed music She Sees Mice (intro and outro) and New Ages I (try this at home section). Also to Orquesta Arrecife for their snippet LA MORDAZA (whimsey section).
Zed read the poem “The Clitoris” by Nikki Finney, from Head Off & Split
Yes, we are having a contest! Can you name the experiential exercise Amy and Zed did from which they derived the term of endearment (“butt buddies”) they use to describe their friendship? If you think you know, send us an email at We’ll draw for the winner from the all correct answers we receive.

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