Year Wheel: Energy & BDSM In Person Workshop

Saturday & Sunday
July 2-3, 2022
in Seattle, Washington
with Tru & Zed

Last day to register is Friday, June 17
Limited to 12 participants
Open to all genders and all sexual orientations

In many parts of the world summer means the days grow longer and temperatures grow hotter.  The air heats up, sometimes bringing hot stuffy days and warm sticky nights. The tender buds of spring have fully bloomed and are now bursting at the peak of their performance. Under the brightness and warmth of the sun, everything seems more illuminated and just a little sharper. And that same brightness can sometimes be too hot and searing.  

In the heat of things, how do we take care of ourselves? How do we play in the fiery brightness without getting burned? When and how do we engage and activate our own fire and when do we settle, seeking refuge in cool shade? How do we soak up the heat of the sun while staying soft and moist?  

This workshop is an opportunity for experiential exploration with yourself and other bodies, using rituals, touch, play, and kink/BDSM practices.

We will have two full 8-hour days to take our time and dive deep.

Prerequisite: Some experience with erotic circles, somatic, embodiment, meditation, and kink is necessary.





Further information about cost coming soon.

Partial scholarships are available for BIPOC folks.


We are working on an EroSomatics policy for all of our workshops, which is in progress. This policy is for this particular workshop, and it may change for additional workshops in the future.

To attend this workshop, we require the following.

COVID precautions:

  • Negative PCR test results from the previous 4 days before the workshop required
  • Rapid testing for each participant & staff will happen in the morning before each day of the workshop, Saturday & Sunday
  • Masks are optional

After the workshop, a PCR Covid test 4 days later is recommended. If anyone tests positive, please inform Zed or Trudes, and we will inform everyone who was in attendance.

Safer sex:

During the workshop, barriers are required (with the exception of a personal toy that you do not share). We will provide condoms and gloves.

If you are having an STI outbreak, please take additional safety measures in the workshop. (We can discuss details about this with you privately.) If you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms please do take care of yourself and others by staying home.


If you need to cancel and can no longer attend, the last day for a full refund is Friday June 17. After June 17, your deposit is non-refundable, but if you cannot attend you can use it as a deposit for a different EroSomatics event in the future.

If you come down with an illness (a cold, flu, COVID, or something else), we ask that you do not attend, and you let us know as soon as you are able. We will be happy to use your deposit for an EroSomatics event in the future.


The first step is to fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you about next steps.