Lizz Randall

Lizz Randall (she, her),  is an intimacy/wellness coach, queer parent, farmer and sacred intimate whose work is devoted to holistic embodiment, radical intimacy and erotic expression. She is an anti-racist,  somatic practitioner and abolitionist committed to the liberation of all bodies. Being in the emergent, long term process of unwinding white supremacy in her own body teaches her more about embodiment and racism than she ever imagined.

From a young age Lizz felt the call from Snake and Kundalini: the sensate experience of eros as life force and interconnectedness of Sex and Spirit. Though she grew up in a culture that prohibited embodiment and body diversity she pursued a path of being in a body and working with bodies inviting aliveness,  pleasure and sovereignty. It hasn’t been easy.

Diving into the complex world of social services and health care 30 years ago, Lizz worked for various agencies serving those unsupported and marginalized by the system. It broke her heart open and wore her out. Eventually and magically her path led to a feminist sex toy store, Toys in Babeland. Her ancient curiosity in using the body as a laboratory for transformation and deep trust in the path of radical embodiment was solidified when she was introduced to the Body Electric School in the late 90’s. 

Since then Lizz has designed and facilitated experiential embodiment workshops around the country in colleges, health care institutions and various venues. 

In 2001 she met her queer Tantra teacher, Swami Rudji Ballentine M.D. and began her intensive training weaving sex, self, spirit, breath, meditation, chakras and yoga with other queer, erotic practitioners. In 2006 she became a Body Electric School teacher and began her private practice in Sacred Intimacy. 

Then in 2007 she gave birth to a mountain of a child, in a very queer and conscious way. Life changing. Soon after, she moved moved to a rural island, into a Cohousing community and began farming with a baby on her back. Living in intentional community for 14 years has been one of the most complex,  challenging, and growthfull experiences. There, Lizz practices and studies conflict resolution, methods of community governance, land stewardship, communication and how to play well with others.

In 2020 Lizz became a certified holistic wellness coach because she values all things having to do with with body and healing. When the unfortunate thing called COVID happened,  Lizz has focused on working with individuals and couples to help settle their nervous systems, work through trauma and create daily practices to survive these wild times. She loves working slowly, from a shame-free, grounded place. Lizz offers attuned hands, exquisite presence, non-judgmental space, and a wild sense of humor. She weaves queer tantra principles, somatic experiencing, multiple realms of consciousness and ritual into all the work she does. Her favorite things to do include,  pelvic floor healing journeys with folks, cooking, touching bodies, growing straw flowers, making fruit leather, and forest walks with her fluff ball, Luna. 

Lizz lives on the unceded lands of the Duwamish tribe, precisely known as the Squabawbsh people. This place is now referred to as Vashon Island. She lives with her hella cool, fierce teenager and adorable dog.